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SHAKSHUKA  (it’s not baked eggs!)

Shakshuka is the lifeblood of Shenkin. It represents the warmth and nourishment we provide, and the love and care taken to produce every dish. Arie Haikin perfected the Shenkin recipe after years of experimenting and working with the best shak chefs in Israel. The recipe hasn’t changed in 30 years and never will. It’s full of veggie goodness with a soup base of capsicum, tomato, garlic and spices, slow cooked for seven hours then topped with poached eggs and a side of fresh pita.

Shakshuka in a pan, resting on a wooden board with two pitas. On a table with a bowl of hummus, fresh orange juice and cutlery.

BUREKA (‘pastry’ in Hebrew)

Pastry is such a versatile and fun medium – whether you like it baked, fried, filled or dipped we’ve got you covered! Our large selection of on-the-go burekasim are available at Shenkin Espresso Bar and favourites on the menu at every location. Try the Egg & Bacon, cheesy Ziva or vegan Eggplant & Sweet Chilli.


Bigger than smashed avo, healthier than an Aussie breakfast. The key is freshness – freshly baked pita with avocado, Israeli salad, labanne, smoked salmon and eggs your way. It’s all our favourites in one and the best start to your day!


The traditional ‘sabich’ is a filled pita, but Arie’s obsession with pastry led to a unique Shenkin twist. The staple fillings of grilled eggplant, hummus, egg and spicy condiments are wrapped up in a roti-like piece of pastry. With a side of pickles, it is a delight for the tastebuds and satisfies every craving.